4 Major Considerations for Buying FUT Coins


Every FIFA lover understands why FUT coins are necessary and the benefits they bring to the game. One significant importance is helping you get skilled players from any league. You can get coins through various activities at the start of the game, either online or offline. Many sites and trading platforms offer FUT coin buying services, and information on how to buy FUT coins is available on the internet, but what to do before buying is limited. In this article, we discuss the major considerations for buying FUT coins.

Major Consideration for Buying FUT Coins

As much as FIFA coins are necessary, researching extensively on the best buying sites is vital. Buying from the right source ensures you don’t lose money. The factors to consider are;

1. Check the seller’s track record

In most cases, this doesn’t apply to established sites; however, you can choose to research each one of them. Good track records are the main selling point for customers, especially new ones. A site that has sold coins to many customers and has a good rating and positive reviews is usually great. Typically, a fake site will have a low rating and negative thoughts. Clients always order from genuine and convenient sites, so the traffic on the site is also high. Ignore sites with no reviews unless recommended to you by someone who has used them before.

2. Ensure the site is secure

All good sites provide security measures for their customers. Before sending any money to a seller, confirm that the website is secure and getting your coins is guaranteed. One thing to look out for is a security padlock. Avoid sites with no padlocks and locate another platform, or you can proceed to pay at your own risk. Some have no security measures and get business by offering low price rates to buyers. The rates lure you into buying from them, and you get your FUT coins.

However, this may be termed illegal by the FIFA body, and you suffer the consequences while the seller benefits. Always do proper research to avoid such cases or the loss of rewards.

3. Check for the site’s approval

EA sports must approve the site you choose to buy from. Every genuine site is approved and certified by a governing body. When you use these sites, you are sure to stick to the set guidelines, and the risks of getting banned are low. Using unofficial sites puts you at a high risk of having your account closed down permanently. You also end up giving your money and have no coins to show.

4. Payment methods provided

Every site has its payment methods that may vary from the other. It’s best to go for sites offering the debit or credit card option. This is because the payment process is safe, and records of every transaction made are kept. However, you can select any other method that seems best.


Buy FUT coins from official sites to avoid significant problems with EA sports. Look for the best sellers with ideal payment methods to buy your coins. This ensures that every transaction you make can be tracked if any issue arises between you and the seller. Choose a site with security measures in place to guarantee the safety of your money and account details.


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