Do You Know How To Wear Frontal Closure Wig?


How to wear your 4×4 lace closure wig perfectly? There isn’t any defined way. However, this guide will help you understand the basics and make the process more seamless. If you seek that flawless appearance with a secure hold, here are the tips and a step by step guide to wearing the lace frontal closure wig:

Wig Cap Is A Necessity

The wig cap is a must-have accessory that you should wear with your lace frontal closure wig. After all, it works as a protective layer for your natural hair. In other words, it protects your hair from any damage or breakage of the day or from putting on the wig.

Therefore, the first step to wearing a frontal closure wig is to secure the wig cap. Ensure that your natural head hair is straight or flat and don’t form a bump, hill, or anything that would elevate the wig cap. If you saw a natural look, keep your hair as flat as possible and wear the cap securely.

Wear The Wig From The Front

Many people don’t know how to wear the frontal closure wig. They try to push it from the top or bring it from the back. That will ruin your hairstyle, cap, and settings you have decided upon.

The best way to wear a 4×4 lace frontal closure wig is from the front. Apart from the wig cap area, your hair can be braided, twisted, or in any other style. It wouldn’t matter too much. These shapes make it easier to wear them. However, the front is secure because it allows you to place the wig firmly on the head.

The Comb Technique

A comb isn’t just there to line up your hair, but to hold the wig, as well. You might need to free your hands and adjust the lace frontal closure wig, but that could displace it and make the fitting loose. That’s where combs come to the rescue.

Alternatively, you can try to use hair clips or other accessories. However, hair combs work the best. You will need around two combs that will help you hold the wig in place. Think of them like temporary clippers to hold the wig in the position. It makes things easier for you to tie the straps or even adjust them according to your hair.

Give The Final Touch

Finally, you have braced the wig perfectly. It is time for you to give it a final touch-up. Some hair might be out of place, uneven, or still ruined after the deliberate measure. It is normal because you can’t control everything. The above-given tips help you keep the wig as precise as possible.

However, as a final step, you can either try to style the hair strands or use tweezers to pull them off from the wig. There is no problem in doing so. After all, you can always buy more of these later.


That’s all you need to do! Now you’re all set to slay the day with the fine-looking hair that holds your head naturally. Go ahead and give these tips a try.


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