Easy-to-use retracting garden hose reels for outdoors



The Giraffe wall mount garden hose reel is a heavy-duty reel that retains its thickness whether or not the water is being pumped through it. It comes with countless features, each dedicated to offering a wonderful user experience to the customers.

The auto-retractable garden hose reel is ideal for use in large gardens. Moreover, it comes in two diameter sizes- ½ inch and 5/8 inch, where the 5/8 inch diameter is suited for yards and backyards. The ½ inch diameter reel is designed to cover large areas such as gardens or perhaps farms sometimes.

Interesting Features

There are several interesting features associated with this product that is loved by the customers.

Wall Mount Function

The easiest way to attach the wall mount bracket is to drill the holes in the wall and fasten the bracket with the screws. All the screws and other small parts are shipped with the product. Setting up the bracket will hardly require 30 minutes. Moreover, the bracket is durable and will help the homeowners to store the reel efficiently. This will help them retain space on the ground because the reel won’t be lying there.

Auto-Retractable Garden Hose Reel

If looking to adjust the reel’s length, it’s made possible by the auto-retractable feature possessed by this garden hose reel. The process is automatic and clean, allowing homeowners to wind the reel automatically. There’s no chance of kink or damage to the reel. The retraction box starts to rotate counterclockwise once the reel is pulled out. The moment it’s left on the ground, the counterclockwise rotation will create a reverse pull, resulting in the winding of the reel.

This feature is extremely useful when the length is too long. Moreover, the gardener can lock the reel to change its length.

High-grid Water Hose

This water hose features an abrasion-resistant shield in addition to copper joints that are made of aluminum coating. The aluminum is industrial-grade, which confirms its stunning quality. This best retractable garden hose reel has passed multiple tests, such as the 200PSI pressure test and 600PSI bursting pressure test. Buyers can expect it to last for several years without any issues.

Durable Casing And Rotating Bracket

To ensure that the reel hose can cover the entire garden with the least movement, there is a 180 degrees rotating bracket. It’ll help water the garden simply by turning the bracket, hence reducing manual efforts. The reels are made from polypropylene, which is considered highly durable. Exposing the reel under direct sunlight and rain for several months or perhaps years won’t make it fade or lose its strength in any manner.

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel With Easy Setup

Installing this auto-retractable garden hose reel is convenient. The installation instructions are shipped along with the product in the package. Moreover, people having no idea how to set up can figure out the setup process, thanks to user-friendliness. Attaching the Giraffe water hose reel to the wall will complete the installation. In case of any discrepancies or issues, the customer care team is always available for any help.


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