How Do I Discover My Self? Discovering Who You Really Are

How Do I Discover My Self? Discovering Who You Really Are

How Do I Discover My Self? Discovering Who You Really Are

How do I discover my self? The concept of self-discovery is an age-old one. Whether we are aware of it or not, the very fabric of our being has a tendency to crave for that which defines us as individuals, a person with a personal destiny and individual drive who have the drive to achieve, explore, improvise and enjoy his/her personal life.

In actuality, the process of personal discovery is also a process of personal growth. We all go through growth, whether we realize it or not. Personal growth is inevitable. So if you are asking yourself, “How do I discover my self?”

I will give you the same answer as I would give to any who ask me that question. You start by understanding who you are: a limited, physical vessel, a physical body. You have a mind and feelings and capabilities, but nothing more. It is up to you to discover yourself.

How do I discover my self? One way is to define what your personal life is about. Then you must discover who you want to be. Discovering what your life’s purpose is can be done by looking within, not outside yourself.

The second way is to go out into the world and do something you love. This could be a business trip, a long hike, a romantic weekend away, etc. When you choose to make a commitment to discover your self, this is not necessarily a religious or spiritual commitment; it could just be a commitment to participate in something you love for the rest of your days.

Another way to find yourself is to look for a mentor or a role model that you admire. Then, day by day, as you observe their behaviors, read their books, talk to them, and do more of the things they do, you will begin to discover your self. Eventually, you will become like them.

How do I discover my self? The answer lies in working on your self-talk. Rather than focusing on negative thoughts, use positive affirmations and statements.

How do I discover my self? Remember to focus on the outcome you want, instead of on the process of getting there. Be open to changing yourself for the better. Finally, discover yourself and lead the life you were meant to live!

How do I discover my self? Recognize who you are on a whole new level. You are unique, and your life has only just begun!

How do I discover my self? You must believe in yourself to discover your self. Once you begin to believe in yourself, change your thinking, and accept that the decisions you make will affect the way you are seen, and the kind of person you are. If you haven’t already done so, figure out what defines you, and develop that into a positive self-image!

How do I discover my self? Finally, decide to get curious! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and start pursuing your own passions. Go after your goals. Learn to have visions and goals, and set small goals along the way!

How do I discover my self? Now that you have made some progress toward discovering yourself and have decided to pursue your goals and passions, go for it! The hardest part is coming to the point of deciding that you want to do it. It’s the most difficult part – the discovery part – but once you’ve started, the hard part is over!

How do I discover my self? The answers are within yourself. You are magnificent, and no one can change who you are except you. So start today, and let yourself be found! It’s up to you.


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