Is A Water Wave Human Hair Wig Worth Buying?


Nowadays, human hair wigs are becoming increasingly popular in the market. There are many different types of wigs in the market, but one particular wig that will instantly catch your attention is the water wave human hair wig! 

So, you might be wondering, what is it about the water wave hair wig that makes it so unique? In this post, you will learn what a water wave human hair wig is, its types, and how to maintain your wig for a stylish appearance!

What Is A Water Wave Human Hair Wig? 

As the name suggests, a water wave wig is simply made mostly from human hair, giving a wavy appearance. It gives the wearers a stylish look that makes it seem like waves flowing in water. It is advised that you slightly damp your hair while styling your water wave human hair wig to get a smooth finish.

This elegant wig is surely going to transform your look with its natural wavy texture. 

What Are the Types of Water Wave Human Hair Wig?

Although water wave hair wigs are made from both human hair and synthetic, incorporating human hair is a must for both. Most women prefer to go with a 100% human hair water wave wig since it gives a natural appearance to your hair. 

Like other hair wigs, water wave human hair wigs are of different types, such as lace front, closure, and headband wigs. The width of the lace distinguishes these varieties from one another. Hence, these wigs are essentially the same, except they have an additional wavy texture that gives a classy look. 

Tips on Maintaining A Water Wave Wig

If you wish to keep using your water wave human hair wig, you must take good care of it. In this way, they’ll last for a long time, giving you a wavy look every time. Following are some tips regarding maintaining your water wave human hair wig for an all-time natural appearance.

  • Always detangle your water wave wig with a wide-tooth comb. You’re at risk of breaking the hair strands of your wig if you untangle it with your fingers. So, using a comb to detangle your hair will increase its longevity. 
  • Keeping your wig clean is also important; hence you should wash your water wave wig with lukewarm water after a few uses. However, you should never over wash your wig as it will lead to your wig’s strands breaking. 
  • To best style your wig, always saturate it by applying water or moisture. Then, let it air-dry before brushing your wig. 
  • After every use, hang your water wave human hair wig on a weave stand. This will prevent your wig from twists and tangles, which will ruin your wig style. 


To sum up, taking care of your water wave human hair wig not only increases its longevity but also gives you a stylish and elegant appearance. Since your wig is also made out of human hair, treating it like your own hair and putting it in good condition will give you the best results. 

A good quality water wave human hair wig will never leave you disappointed!


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