Three things you will discover about essential oil vapes


Essential oils have been there before. It recently became a new trend with aromatherapy that people are doing to reduce stress and boost energy, so people began vaping essential oils. The essential oils vape pen looks a lot like cigarettes.

Based on the mood you want to have, whether it is a happy mood, sexy feeling or become sleepy, inhaling the essential oils are considered to help in all these feelings. Regardless of the emotions that you desire, vaping essential oils is recommended only three times a day. Each use will require two to three tiny breaths, and when you inhale, you would keep the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds and exhale through your nose.

Can you use any vape devices when vaping essential oils?

The proper vape devices to use for essential oils are essential oil diffusers sticks. Diffuser sticks are different from ordinary vaping devices and vape pens. However, the principle is similar. If you do not want to use the diffusers, essential oils vape pens will serve the same purpose.

If you choose to use a vape pen, you should choose an oil considering the least temp settings that you would be comfortable with when using your concentrate vape pen. Most importantly, you should try out the best temp that will help you feel satisfied with your preferred vape pen.

Are essential oil diffusers bad for your lungs?

Essential oil diffusers are not bad for your lungs. Unlike essential oil vapes, which may let in excessive vapes in your body, essential oil diffusers would allow a limited amount of smoke. Doctors far and wide have recommended the use of essential oil diffusers than vaping essential oils.

The key to enjoying the benefits of essential oils is not the vaping mechanism. Instead, being aware of what you are putting in your body and what is inside the vapour. Carefully consider what you are vaping or smoking, and if you are not sure of anything, you should keep high caution so as not to harm yourself.

Is inhaling essential oils safe?

Inhaling concentrated essential oils can cause very substantial dangers; therefore, when vaping essential oils, make sure they are very diluted. The most recommended ratio is a 4:1 ratio of organic vegetable glycerin to the essential oil.

Experts suggest that you should not inhale the essential oils into your lungs. Instead, you should bring the essential oil to your mouth and exhale it gently through your nose. Therefore, the amount of essential oils you would use per breath is less or even lesser than the amount recommended by the safety profiles.

By far, preventing the essential oils from reaching your lungs is the most effective way of using aromatherapy. Otherwise, excessive inhalation of essential oil vape might be dangerous to your respiratory health. It may cause severe lung disease although, much has not yet been scientifically proven.

If you prefer to use vape pens rather than essential oil diffusers, you should make the right choice based on the amount of concentrate and temp that you require. Nonetheless, essential oil diffusers are the recommended way of inhaling essential oils.


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