Various Locket Styles for Your Locket Necklaces


A locket is a pendant attached to a chain and comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Locket necklaces can have lockets of various types that target different people. They can be modern, whimsical, or vintage, and depending on your taste Ineffabless has plenty of locket necklaces that you can buy by clicking Lockets make a chain look stylish, and several materials are available, like diamond, silver, rose gold, etc., that you can choose from if you want it personalized. In this article, we dive into different locket styles for your locket necklaces.

Locket Styles for Your Locket Necklaces

When buying most accessories, we focus more on the shape, appearance, frame, and much more. This is also true for lockets; however, since you can open them, what you choose to carry inside also determines the locket style.

1. Transparent Lockets

They are also referred to as floating lockets and are the most modern style of all lockets. They come in crystal or glass material, allowing you to see through them. Therefore, what you place inside should be appropriate since there’s limited privacy. However, transparent lockets are worth buying because they can be customized in many ways, like adding gemstones or charms.

2. Single Frame Lockets

These style of lockets have one frame inside them and open detail on their front side. The open front is suitable for photo placement since it can be seen without opening the locket. The photo can be one of yourself, your partner, family member, friend, or a person you hold dear. Most single frame lockets are plain, so the photo addition makes them beautiful and stylish and still portrays personal attachment.

3. Double Frame Lockets

These lockets have two frames, each positioned on either side of the locket. The beauty of both frames is that they can hold more photos than the single frame hence more memorable moments to remember. In addition, the locket can be passed down to your family as a remembrance of the people on it. You can have your photo and that of your partner or your parents, depending on the memory you want to hold close.

4. Expandable Lockets

You can place more photos in these lockets than the double frame lockets. It opens up to about twice its size, thereby exposing additional frames. When choosing this type of locket, determine how many photos you want to keep inside it, as the number of frames differs with each locket.

5. Diffuser Lockets

Also known as aromatherapy lockets due to the sweet smell they give off. The lockets have a diffuser where essential oils, perfumes, or sweet-smelling herbs are added. The fragrance is produced throughout the day, making you smell nice and fresh. You can change or refill the contents in the diffuser easily and still have your locket intact.

Final Word

Necklace lockets are plenty in the market. Whether you are buying from an online store or a local store, there are many styles to choose from. Be keen on the shapes, size, and other factors that make the piece stand out for you. The price also matters since some lockets have more features than others.


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